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Spencer Byles

Your presentation was truly inspiring. You created such a calm and safe space which made me feel very comfortable to think and share. Thank you also for sharing your knowledge and skills regarding facilitation. This is a life lesson learnt today.” Nadia Stoffberg, Training Co-ordinator, TB/HIV Care Association

“The Thinking Environment workshop was a deep and profound experience. I appreciated Cheryl’s sensitivity to the group and her ability to hold space and silence for us to do deep work while simultaneously learning how to use the different facilitation tools. We really loved the different methods she shared, and we are implementing these in our weekly workshops. Cheryl is a natural facilitator and was able to integrate our strengths and support us in the learning curve with new methodologies. Deepest appreciation for what feels like a profound gift.” Louise Sterling, Director: Eduwrite and the Playwell Foundation

What touched me most deeply was how you did not convey information, but rather allowed the space and the people to work on you and from that deep listening shared your heart and knowledge around a Thinking Environment. I found the day transformative and imparting of a psychotechnology that can be applied in all human interaction.” Johann Verster, clinical psychologist